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Why Family Mediation

In the UK, an estimated 42% of marriages end in divorce, with countless families caught in the crossfire of drawn-out legal battles and escalating conflict. 

It’s a harrowing reality that calls for a more compassionate, efficient resolution – this is where our family mediation services shine. 

We offer a lifeline to those seeking a more peaceful way forward.

At UK Family Mediation Service , we provide an expedited and cost-effective alternative to the traditional courtroom drama.

By choosing UK Family Mediation Services, you’re prioritising understanding over contention, conversation over confrontation, and resolution over retaliation.

Family Mediation Plymouth Solutions

Family Dispute solutions

Divorce or separation can bring substantial stress and financial burden. UK Family Mediation can help address your parenting, financial, and property disputes fairly and without the need for expensive and painful court battles. Let our team help you  and reach a brighter way forward.

child Access Mediation

If you are having trouble with child arrangements, parental rights, child or drafting parenting plans and co-parenting schedules, Mediation can help.

Financial Mediation

Financial Mediation is usually quicker and more economical than court proceedings. Even without an agreement, clients often save time and money by mediation.

Legal Aid

We can provide Legal Aid funding support for those who qualify. If you receive income-related benefits such as Universal Credit, or if your combined gross income is below £2,657 per month, you may be eligible. Contact the UK Family Mediation Plymouth team for free family mediation advice and support.

Family Mediation Voucher Scheme

If you are dealing with difficulties in agreeing on child arrangements, parental rights, or creating parenting plans and schedules with your ex partner? If so the Mediation Voucher Scheme is available to support families who need assistance.
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(Data Source - GOV.UK & Family Mediation Council)

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UK Family Mediation service

Online Mediation

The average cost of divorce in the UK is £14,651. At UK Family Mediation Service Plymouth, we leverage our extensive experience to save you money and time through online mediation. Mediation provides a secure environment and explores potential solutions for challenging issues. Your accredited mediator will guide you through how mediation effectively addresses financial matters and disagreements over child access. Start your assessment meeting today to discover more about the family mediation process.

Family Mediation

Family mediation focuses on forward-looking solutions to help you move beyond your current situation. Unlike couples counselling or therapy, it offers a swift, peaceful, and effective approach to resolving issues. With our fixed-fee mediation and legal packages, we can ensure your parenting or financial agreements are legally binding through a consent order or child arrangement order.

three steps to mediation with UK Family Plymouth

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

If you are going through the divorce process, a family mediator can offer practical steps to resolution

UK Family Mediation Services & Online Mediation


Book your MIAM

The mediation process begins with a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM), where you meet with a trained mediator to discuss your situation. This initial meeting is crucial for understanding how mediation works and assessing whether it’s suitable for your needs. During the MIAM, you’ll receive information about the costs involved in mediation, including any potential legal fees and court costs associated with divorce proceedings


Mediation & Agreement

Once you decide to proceed with mediation, you’ll work closely with a family mediator registered with the Family Mediation Council (FMC). The mediator facilitates discussions between you and your ex-partner in separate rooms, ensuring a safe and constructive environment. Together, you’ll address issues such as child arrangements, financial contributions, and practical steps for moving forward. The goal is to reach a mutually acceptable agreement that benefits both parties and any children involved. This agreement is documented in a legally binding format known as a consent order, which outlines the responsibilities and commitments of each party.


Resolution & Closure

As mediation progresses, you’ll work towards finalising a memorandum of understanding that captures all agreed-upon terms. This document provides clarity on roles and responsibilities moving forward, ensuring that both parties understand and adhere to the terms of the agreement. Once mediation concludes, you may choose to explore additional support options, such as relationship counselling or collaborative law,  or to strengthen ongoing communication and cooperation. 

UK Family Mediation Services provide a cost-effective and informal solution for couples who are looking to resolve conflicts within their family, such as divorce or separation.

Mediation enables both parties to reach an agreement in a safe and respectful environment, which can avoid contentious legal proceedings.

It also allows couples to focus on the best interests of any children involved, by providing them with a healthy environment in which to discuss potential solutions.

Additionally, family mediation can help couples to remain in control of the outcome of their situation by coming up with a plan that suits everyone’s needs.

Our mediators are accredited and part of The Family Mediation Council for your assurance.

UK Family Mediation Plymouth is  able  to offer Legal Aid options for clients who need mediation support and who are in receipt of universal credit benefits or a low income

UK Family Mediation Plymouth offers mediation services and our legal aid services from our
accredited mediator are cost effective service at resolving family disputes.

Our mediation is cost effective offer legal aid helping people resolve disputes in the local area even if there has been issues of domestic abuse.

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